The Visual Prototypes Expressing Speculated Anthropocene Effects

Uncovering the Treasure of Garbage City

Speculating the local impact begins with a villager seeking water would come across the bottle unearthed. Once the locals reported what they found, a national impact would lead to more direct excavations, which would take place by digging alongside the water well. Excavations would unearth small artefacts of unnatural materials (plastic) and strange substances (crystalized Coca Cola), Leading to a global impact where excavations expand in search of the strange substance seen as minerals and the objects create by them are seen by archaeologists as artefacts known for their unique functions ). The visual expressions of these speculations take the form of recreated excavation site, a speculated archaeology book and a video acting out the events speculated through the project.

The excavation site


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The speculative archeologists book

archeology book

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The Treasure of garbage city


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The speculative Video on “Uncovering the Treasure of Garbage City”

Video gives recollection of speculative archaeological discovery, based on speculative archaeology book and the effects of anthropocene speculated through the project, influenced by the Gods must be crazy video. The video begins with the tale of the past way of life and progresses to tell of the loss of oil and how the world changed. The video goes on to talk about the world state changing and how a village 1000 years later came across a plastic bottle that sparks the begginging of excavations that shows value in what we consider garbage.


The interactive book system

Arduino Set up

DSC_0313RFID set up

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Interaction with Book and mysterious object

Sound narration triggered

 Speculative Archeologist Narration

Part 1
Tales tell of a time when humanity drained life from
the earth
Part 2
to fuel their world in a land that was cold and lifeless
Part 3
Where they used the worlds life to craft great towers
and objects, out of place in nature.
Part 4
Until their fuel ran out and they could build no more
Part 5
As a 1000 years passed The land rose and layer
upon layer buried the old world
Part 6
Year 3016, Humanity has learned to sustain themselves
through working with nature.
Part 7
Until a villager fetching water came across a mysterious
object, filled with a strange substance.
The object was firm transparent was not of nature
Curious of the object the villager tells the others
Part 8
It was then that I sought the village of humble nature,
Part 9
Day 1 began plans to excavation deeper beside the

Speculative Design

Garbage City Uncovered

My speculative design involves the events and effects of anthropocene that would occur should oil run out on our planet, an with it the methods for creating materials such as plastic would fade. Humans would over time move away from industrial forms of living and take on a more natural sustainable way of life, reconnecting with nature and relying more on resources that can be reproduced. the speculation goes further towards what would happen if this society uncovered a city beneath their own similar to the shack towns of modern day, and this site would have housing constructed by what we today consider garbage. this speculation leads to how they would react and how would such a society look upon materials that are not produced from nature but rather made by us (plastic) and how this would lead to a change of values. I believe that this would lead the society to excavate the city in much the same way that we do ancient ruins. I speculate that the methods would be similar to archeology and that what was once garbage such as plastic would now hold value and the marking we use today to classify plastic (PVC) would be seen as glyphs to mark a material that is foreign to nature. Reacting similar to archeologists these people would make speculations of their own as to what these materials (garbage plastic) would have been used for.

The World without Oil

The world is now a place where oil no longer exists, it has been used up and as time flowed the methods for building plastic and other materials has gone

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 17.03.28


Without Oil, people have taken to bui;ding closer to nature, relying on wood to make their housing.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 17.03.07

World Conditions

A Garbage City is found beneath the land, built from materials known in the past as garbage made from and unkown civilisation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 17.15.55

What would they excavate?

The remains of a city of garbage

Why would they excavate it?

Because the citiy appears to have been built from the remains of garbage materials that may give them insight to the people of that time.
Where would the excavate it?

The city would shift and appear along various locations that spread through neigbouring countries

How would they excavate?

Using excavation equipment similiar to the excavation of primitive man.

What would they find as they excavate it?

They would find houses, tables and various othe objects built from plastic, metal and garbage that had been worn and discade by what belonged to other civilisations.

A Shift in Values

People would begion to categories plastic and metals in the same we we do precious minrals such as gems and diamonds.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 17.02.38


I have speculated that when the values materials shift, as they excavate the people will identify the value of the material using ancient identification using excavation techniques

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 17.26.25


Speculative Prototype: Uncovering the Garbage City

Here I have conducted a Speculative prototype based on the information seen above, demonstrating this societies reaction to the unnatural materials found in the garbage city.

Speculative Backstory of speculative world


The excavation of Garbage City


Examine found Glyphs on materials



Speculation of the use of object



To thoughts view this speculation, I am open to you opinions of how you believe a society distanced from man made materials would react to a city made by unnatural materials.