Pet Owner tribe: Pet survey – technology too predictable, dogs surprise you

Purpose of pet survey

Research into the reassured map object have demonstrated it to be unresponsive, therefore I will explore what dog tribe member are drawn to. I will then look into applying thoughs traits into a social thing that member of the tribe can engage with while having the opportunity to use their observational skills to explore.


Collaborative project with member of pet owner tribe Influence 

Shane Smidt Collaberative Project (link to PDF)


Survey Analysis (click on image)

This survey was conducted to identify what behaviour and traits draw people of the tribe towards dogs.

dog owner tribe intro

dog owner tribe

dog owner survey

dog owner survey 2

dog owner interview


Interview with members of the tribe (Click to hear interview)

Interview with tribe member 1

Interview with tribe member 2


Summary of controversial points that spark conversations

Raising Dogs: The interaction of raising, and training the dog enagages members of the tribe and leads them to seek advice.

Active routine: The active routine of walking and playing with the dog gets the tribe member out of the house and even leads to shared activities with other dogs.

Memorable behaviour: The dog has random momnets of behaviour that creates stories shared betwean members of the tribe.


While there are a variety of traits that members of this tribe are drawn to, I was particularly interested by their response that dog behaviour are memorable and appear alive, unlike the cold statistical responses of technology. I will move forward finding ways to adapt these traits to technology so that they may more actively engage with the social thing.


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Pet Owner tribe: walking dog animals are guided by what we cannot see

Purpose of walking dog animals are guided by what we cannot see

In order to understand what animal behaviour encourages exploration, I have begun a unique survey where I will walk a dog and analyse what behaviour lead me to observe and explore.

Walking Dog survey footage (click image)

IMG_0024 IMG_0026

Survey Analysis (click images)

walking dog survey


From my analysis of walking a dog, became fascinated by how the dogs ability to see what I could not lead me to various locations to explore. I felt that it was like being guided by an invisible force that only the dog could detect and I was left with my own observation as to follow or move away from what the dog leads me to. In order to further the development of the social thing I will go on to explore what methods of exploration for the map enthusiast are similar to the experience `I have had while walking the dog.


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