Research into social thing


Research into social thing


Sustainable Social Thing: Natural fusion


Frugal Innovation


Smart control devices


Design influence:




Cubes: 3 Sides illusion


Folded cube design

























Plan of social thing the power of many cubes


Purpose of planning cube as social thing




I am providing a system for sustaining resources using one context (from SA) and applying it to another context through local neighborhood communities. This will involve an Interactive social object, which connects the community through resource awareness in relation to how they use a kettle. More with less is a sustainable method of regaining energy for the excess energy used with a kettle.





Experimentation of applying materialisation to social thing

Purpose of materialising through cube


Applying Tales to Cube


Context of SA applied to another context


When the lights go out and there is no electricity, the cube provides a story that can be followed along the sides of the cube


The tale of the snake that was saved


This Tale is a method of producing heat without electricity and follows how this method was used to save the life of a snake in a power outage


Cube Plan adapted with tales




Prototyping tales cube


The Wooden cube reflecting the African culture design feature makes use of Low-tech tales applied to object. Making use of the narrative of


Power of many development images Development images

Development images for the progression of the power of many project


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How to use 

The link above will take you to a development presentation with relates to the FMP development categories.


FMP categories

FMP Tribe – slide 1-9

FMP collecting – slide 9-17

FMP using resources – slide 17-20

FMP reactive experience: Tales – slide 21-29

FMP reactive experience: resource materialisation – slide 29-42

FMP doing more with less – slide 43-49

FMP Social thing: power of many cube – slide 50-59

FMP Power of many user interface – slide 60-66