Reactive experience: Tales of sustainability:





With the resource giving credit to the use of resources and a social object such as the Kettle that plays an active role in the tribe’s lifestyle, I am developing the experience in the tribes interaction with the social object by means using energy will have. At this stage I am developing a means of accessing methods of sustainability conveyed through Tales as expressed in chapter 2 in my Thesis

Research of collective knowledge



Purpose of research


Homi Bah bah theory of story perspective


Generation’s tales of sustainability


African Cultural design influence: sketch/carve


Ideon Storyboard method









Influence of Tales


Storyboard content




Storyboard plan










I am taking the tales of sustainability from one context and am applying them in a different concept, here in the UK.






Social Life in danger


Issue in sustainability



Method of sustaining life



Alternative energy source



Effect on life





Tale for alternative energy applied to device

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