Power of Many

Exhibition Prototypes


With the interactive video and Power of many energy queue system establishes, I am now looking into applying the system into an exhibition format for the purpose of expressing the experience through an exhibition space.


Research into exhibit




Analysis of Mad mapper Projection


Using a projector, projections can be used and triggered upon the users engaging with the kettle. The use of the Cube (from power of many cube) can be used as an object that the projection can be extended from as representing what is to come. A siphon is used as a form of communication between the max software and the projector and by extension the kettle and node red software.


Plan of projection box


I have planned to create a box in which the projector or laptop can be placed in for the purpose of displaying the interactive queue system. The use of the box for the projector is to create the illusion that what is place on top of the box such as a cube, appear to have a projection coming from it.


Experiment with exploded cube


In relation to the projection box I have experimented with exploded versions of the cube in which pieces can be placed on the background of the exhibit and projected onto, recreating an exploded diagram effect.


The projector uses the mad mapper software to fit the interactive videos onto the exploded sides of the cube using a siphon integrated into the max flow, the exhibit makes use of a complicated communication between node red, max, kettle and projector using mad mapper.


Prototype scenario


The scenario expresses a user moving towards the table with the kettle and cube, they attempt to boil the kettle


Reflection of exhibition