Social Object – Lifestyle essential reactive object




At this stage It has become apparent that creating an experience that reacts to the circumstance of resources being used, needs an object that is tied to the use of that resource and by extension a object that plays a vital role in the users lifestyle.


Research into the social object


Actancial Model


Social Objects:


Survey Social Objects essential to lifestyle


Purpose of identifying a social Object



Purpose of Survey


Plan of Survey


The combination of node red and an edimax plug as a means of surveying and collecting resources as part of the database provides opportunity in monitoring how energy is used in are most essential appliances as social objects.


Questions relating object to lifestyle


The questions


Contextual Survey of Kettle


Survey feedback


The kettle is confirmed to have an essential part in lifestyle routines.


Community is open to the use of cooperative communication as a means of sustaining their community




Applying Collective knowledge/Tales and resource materialisation towards appliances



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