Resource Materialisation



With a reactive experience for stories created, I am now looking into a means in which the resources usage associated with the social kettle object, can be used to materialise resources in response to how energy is used.


Research into materialising resources


Usman Haque natural fuse


Usman Haque influenced my design concept, by using a object that provides people with the knowledge of energy and the means of generating their own


Crank the Web


Through the use of a crank people are able to speed up the buffering of web page, allowing them to react to a change in circumstance to sustain their needs.


Node red & Sensor twitter responses


Collective knowledge


Frugal innovation theory


The frugal innovation theory focuses on the design of objects that help sustain human needs to achieve sustainability


Example smart faucet


The smart faucet utilizes the competencies of easy to use and green design of the theory







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