Refinement of materialise resource interface icons

Purpose of refining icons


While the development of various forms offered variety of Icons, it became apparent that the key means of materialisation came in the form of resources being used in the moment and the sharing of the energy. Originally the design followed the reflection of the node red interface that would come to operate the system,


Research analysis into info graphics


A key reoccurring them in my design in the materialisation of the resources in their similarity to info graphics and a expression of the statistics behind the use of energy converted into data. In order to refine these designs I need to research in expressions of energy use and group representation in the form of info graphics.


Statistical Graphs


In my research of info graphics I felt that diagrams that represented statistics of data was most effective due to the relationship between electricity and data such as watts.


Line based info graphics


Line based diagrams gave form to the direction of energy use and the intensity of data that can be used to reflect a quantity of electricity.


Pie and circle based charts


Pie charts and circle-based icons are effective in their method to show information occurring within a single set of time rather than event occurring over time. Py providing a contrasting set of colours within the circle a different of information within that moment can be created. This could be used to define the change of low energy use and high energy use within a moment.


Map info graphics


My research into info graphics I cam across design that used maps to define groups of a people. These took the shape of countries and town that represent a potion of the population or ethnicity to define a group of people. If the info graphics could used to define the population and ethnic background, then I could apply it to create a representation of my tribe as a group in the form of a neighbourhood mapped out.


Application of research on awareness and sharing


The communication needed improving as the resource awareness had too much of a mix between imojis and statistics. The sharing while effective in-group use, gives me reason to simplify the design into an individual use of energy using circle growth as a design feature.

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