Plans icon experiments of refining icons


Following the influence of research into the communication of resource manifestation through info graphics, I plan to create a series of basic sketches of how to apply these qualities to my designs and select plans to convert into illustrations for the interface


Statistical info graphic


Here I plan on using designs based on the representation of statistics that will express the change in energy use.


Line based energy use


Time Line


The line based design style as suggested in the research, is more effective in communication the direction of the energy and therefor can be used to establish a timeline of energy used.





Geological Sharing


The use of a line design style for direction can also used to link locations, such as creating a link between the locations of the neighbours as an equal group that energy travels through equally.


Circle in the moment representation


Looking back to the research into the pie and circle based charts; it was revealed that the design style is effective in representing a single moment. I found that this relates well with what we see with light when energy travels through. The lights begin blank, as energy raises the light goes from dim to bright. This plan reflects that state of energy as circle that reflects a dim light and a large circle that represents a bright light.


Emotional responses


Following influence from the previous resource awareness that used a graphics of an emoticon with a negative emotion linked with high energy use, `I sought to design a variant that is more minimalist in a way that reflects the facial expressions transitioning from unresponsive, for no energy use, happy for low energy use and sad for high energy use.


Neighbourhood map energy sharing


In order to best create a design that allows the neighbourhood community tribe to relate the energy use to their environment, I took influence from geological info graphics in order to represent the community as a group

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