Plan of methods to materialise data


Purpose of planning method of materialising research


Through my thesis I found that cooperation through design could be achieved when providing the circumstances for a group of people to address a issue they all share. I plan to create a materialization of resources used by a community to provide them the knowledge to overcome the issue of sustainability they share, using the object (tools) to they need to sustain themselves.


Node red and projection plan





Expanded plan for the reacting to devices


Smart home:

These series of materialized resources and knowledge through objects, could to a smart home for sustainability


Issue in prototyping:

The issue I am having that is most pressing is how to materials the resource through object and allow the user to sustain their resource by interacting with the object as seen in my tales


Possible application:

I have thought of using wearable technology as an object or tool that allows the user to feel and effect the change in resources.


The technical method for materialising resources


Prototype plan for energy resource

I plan to use what you have seen above and apply it to using a kettle as an object that we can all relate to needing within our homes. The kettle will be used as the tool in which the materials resource can be sustained. Tales and energy usage as a community can be projected according to the circumstances created by the database.








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