Experiment of materializing resource through projection



Purpose of materializing resources from database



Resource materialization design


Using a response communication based on resource use, a cooperation between members of a community can a take shape as they are able to share experiences, methods and allow individuals to see the energy resources used within the community as a whole.


Reacting from database


Whether it be a neighborhood or a shared household

The kettle will materialize the energy used and

Provide the community with a visible time for how energy

Can be shared according to the best times during the day


Prototype reactive projection: Reacting to off peak times


This prototype materializes the best times to use energy in accordance with peak times in the power grid. Allowing the

Community to ration their use of the resource to the most ideal times.

Merging people personal habits in sustaining basic needs in their lifestyle with the ability to use the kettle at the best times times for sustainability.


Analysis of projection


– Resource Awareness


– Communication


– Sharing


– Collective knowledge for community




Application of plans




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