Experiment methods of materialising resources through icons



Purpose of materialising resources


I am creating a series of designs that express how the database and technical equipment of node red and projector can be used to materialise data under the context of variety of forms of communication.




– Resource Awareness


– Communication


– Sharing


– Collective knowledge for community



Energy awareness


Using an edimax smart plug, node red flow and a visual interactive interface, the user will be able to see how much energy is being used in the moment.


Energy sharing


Communication through kettle and harnessed using energy and data


Node red communication flow


  • Access collective knowledge
  • Community communication
  • Responsive resource


Cooperative Community Communication


Using the social thing, through a pre selected variety of responses based on interview with the residents, the members of the community can community to each other through the


Collective intelligence


Collective knowledge for methods of sustainability can be accessed. Using the social object, members of the community can access the collective knowledge of various topics and methods towards sustainability.





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