Rationing method applied to data resource

Tale of data rationing based on water rationing 

Circumstance (funny video needs to be watched)



  • Supportive YouTube statistics
  • Water rationing method
  • Social thing methodology


Tale: Ration the use of data by using a social thing (kettle) that water decreases as data is used and a task is required to obtain more water to use data for mobile data devices (smartphones).

Interactive design influence

Crank the web Influence


In the process of researching methods to creating a object that helps users more efficiently use their resource, I was advised about a interactive object called “Crank the Web”. Crank the Web is an interactive object that connects to the digital web, however to use the web function the machine must be cranked to allow data to buffer the webpage. I found this related to my earlier research in controlling loading speed can be determined by how much and fast you crank the machine.

The tale of data merged with water rationing


To give rationalism to my last statement, I looked into the costs related to interacting with YouTube and found that depending on the resolution 240p – 1080p the data cost will range from 240mb – 1400mb for an hour of use and now bare with me, a phone contract on average has 500mb – 1000mb monthly rations meaning that users would only have 5 hours at most monthly to use YouTube without access to Wi-Fi hotspots. These statistics may not seem like much but YouTube have stated that users are spending more time watching clips, spending on average 40 minutes per session. This is a considerable amount given that the amount of users on mobiles have increased by 100% recently and half of YouTube users interact through mobile devices. This means that half of users have at most 6 sessions of using YouTube without Wi-Fi hotspots and that’s not taking into account the variety of other online interactions such as Facebook.


To put this experience into a physical resource perspective, if you were walking through dessert and had a bottle of 600ml water and took 100ml at a time, you would have 6 sips of water to survive the drought.

Prototype Concept


I believe the most engaging experience will take the form of a social object that alters the users behaviour and values as they use the devices and online applications of their daily life through another’s lifestyle and perspective.


  • Limitation of activities – Limitations on activities will make them think what activity to do and how to manage it.


  • Lack of Data – The lack of data will add pressure and help the user think before they act


  • Need for more data –The user will begin to feel a need for more data and may be looking for an opportunity to receive it.


  • Obtaining more data – Faced with the opportunity t receive more data what would the user do and how would that effect their morals.


This may take the form of a social object where users may actively see their ration of data being used as they interact with social applications (YouTube) with the option to obtain more data




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