Situationalist exploration experience: Psycho geography

Introduction to Psycho geography

In the process of researching methods of exploring similar to being lead by a dog, I was lead to the situationalist exploration method that uses psycho geography.

Analysis of of psycho geography (click image) 

psycho geography

1960 Psycho Geography

Psycho geography as seen in my in the image below demonstrates a need to resist conformity, the need to explore through a different perspective by creating to the environment around the practitioner. Merlin Coverley states that the exploration of these tribe members react to a “changing moods of the street” demonstrating a reaction to the surroundings. Coverley’s goes on to speak about how the same location can be “reshapes by the practitioner” through their reaction and exploration of the environment. Coverlets book inspires me into the idea that the users reaction to the environment leads them on exciting paths that creates a different perspective of that location through exploration.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 06.19.41

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Analysis of Sound Walk
The sound walk I researched leads people through the environment to experience the same location through a different perspective. I was fascinated by how the act of exploring the environment by what only technology could react to lead the user “Through the app you become part of a cinematic, augmented reality” that leads the tribe meter to exploration to “boldly go where fellow app-owners have gone before” as mentioned by Joost Fonteyne.

Analysis Interactive Furniture 

Dunne & Raby have by means of an interactive furniture sought a sensor that reacts to magnetic waves, I am fascinated by the reaction to a force that cannot be seen or heard engaging with people. The way that the interactive pillow used a “LCD screen that reacts to electromagnetic waves” would respond to electronic devices “cellphones, television and telephone signals”, inspired to look into the possibilities of a invisible force guiding the user. The sound modulated 1 gave a glimpse into how this method could be used in the surroundings as it “makes the electromagnetic waves visible” revealing what cannot be seen, just as dogs can smell what humans cannot.
Reflection of what to do based on research
Based on psycho geography, Raby and sound walking I am inspired to seek and develop a social thing for the map enthusiasts that allows them to “reshape” their perpectives of the environment. Creating a new “footage” of the same location, through changing the moods of the streets, guided by an invisible force (magnetic waves).
Which can only be sensed through the social thing, as it takes you on a journey with no set destination.

Application of knowledge towards social thing

Fascinated by how members of the tribe use psycho geography to create their own random path that is more memorable and engaging, I am reminded of the way playful technology used behaviour of animals to create the illusion of living behaviour. I believe that I can replicate the experience of psycho geography, by adapting the dogs (treasures responsive object) behaviour of responding to the environment into a navigation social thing.


Prototype application
look into what kind of sensors to use, how will it be worn, how would it effect you as you walk around the surroundings.
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